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I would just about kill for unwatermarked copies of these because God help me I’ve never seen them.

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Kitten Q / Kitten Whishaw (Set 3, Set 1 here, Set 2 here)

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I’ve somehow picked up a lot of new followers!  Thank you all for sticking around while I complain about writing and stare longingly at (and make vaguely creepy comments about) Ben Whishaw’s face!


I’ve somehow picked up a lot of new followers! Thank you all for sticking around while I complain about writing and stare longingly at (and make vaguely creepy comments about) Ben Whishaw’s face!

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princebenji replied to your post “So, so stuck on the next plot point.  For those of you who’re writers…”

this might be a shitty suggestion but if they are having this conversation/scene in MI6 premises maybe Q could have set up some sort of surveillance in there? maybe the audio/visual is a bit bad and he catches bits and pieces but not the whole thing?

Ooh!  Yes, you’ve jogged an idea loose that follows and suits my characterization really well.  Thank you, darling!

So, so stuck on the next plot point.  For those of you who’re writers out there, how do you introduce actions that happen when your POV character isn’t present when you’re writing third person close?  Because basically we’re sitting on Q’s shoulder in the fic and Bond and Moneypenny need to have a couple of scenes that I feel like Q can’t just happen upon happening (because he’s already stumbled across a few scenes by now, and it’s starting to look like he’s just got the best/worst luck, paired with a habit of just walking into places without knocking).  I’ve got a few ideas for some of them, but at least one of them is very important that Q knows about as it happens (which happens to be the one I’m stuck on)—he needs to be aware of part of the situation but not necessarily the whole.

Ugh, writing.

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Ben Whishaw for anotherman 2007

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You do like to rile.
I confess I do.

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When one thinks of London, canals and houseboats aren’t typically what comes to mind.  But go explore “Little Venice” in Maida Vale, and you’ll find a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of London.  Gorgeously maintained parks, flowers, mansions, hanging gardens, and even a stand alone Chinese restaurant in the middle of the canal will captivate your imagination. 

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This fic is so tropey and ridiculous, omg.  No one’s going to cry over it because it is predictable as helllllll.

"It’s actually rather fantastic filming underwater because nobody can talk to you."

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God, he’s so beautiful.

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Ah, but darling, you’ll be a year early for the next installation!

Ooo…that’s a good point. If anyone has any 00q fic recs, send em my way ^.^

Oh, do I get to make recs, too? My favorites are a little bit…

If there’s one thing you’ll learn about this fandom, it’s that Beaubete is the most wonderful person you’ll ever encounter <3 I highly recommend anything and everything by her, with my favourites being:  

(I’d Like to Pay You) For a Minute of Your Time

Stripper!AU: Bond’s been watching him for a few sets now, mostly because the men who come in on ladies’ night tend to be homophobic arseholes, not scrawny little twinks who look like all their Christmases and birthdays have come at once.


Commander Bond is not a superstitious man. (Featuring mermaid!Q)

Mr. MI6

Working at Morrell Museum, Q’s seen a lot of strange things, but that’s nothing compared to the suspicious man who keeps visiting.

Museum!AU - Q and Eve work at the strangest little museum in London.

(Because museums are part of my profession, I seriously have a deep love for this one!)


Stupid James Bond and his sodding ridiculous narrow escapes. Who runs from an assassin by deftly skiing away?!

…people with more coordination than Q, apparently.


There are consequences to fucking for Queen and Country.

Sweet As 

It’s not—the word has so much damned stigma, really. He’s not stupid. He likes it all: the slow, sweet drag of something thick and lovely inside his body and the fast, beating pulse that comes from fucking himself so hard and fast his wrist cramps up. He just hasn’t seen fit to add anyone to it. To sex. With him. So sure, he’s a—well, technically.

No, but really. Anything and everything by Beaubete is fantastic. I’m also seconding her rec for rehfan's stuff! There are a lot of other talented writers out there, many of whom I cannot even begin to name, but I'll go with the ones that are in most recent memory!

Fidelity by @marlowe-tops

In which Bond develops a preference for sleeping on Q’s couch rather than in his own bed, and Q is rather more warm-hearted than M when it comes to throwing him out.

Some Corner of a Foreign Field [that is forever England] by SylvanWitch

Bond may not believe in sin, but he understands atonement intimately.

Or, five times Q was the voice Bond needed to hear.

If I Had a Functional Pancreas I Could Love You by castillon02

Q fears that revealing his diabetes will make Bond think less of him. Bond surprises him. (Fluffy just-established relationship fic.)

This Is Our Beginning, Coming to an End by iambid

Following the aviation accident which killed his family, Q uses a wheelchair. Fiercely independent, this is the story of how he fell in love and the three times he allowed James Bond to carry him.

terra tremuit by pgtips

This is a union of two souls left stranded in a world they’ll never really belong in, left bereft and friendless. They make do with what they have, this bastardisation of unity between pure, raw holiness and unadulterated, dark damnation.

Surfacing by doctornerdington

A depressed Bond returns to London following his “death” in Istanbul. His first meeting with his new quartermaster proves entirely surprising.

Blown (Away) by princebenji

Bond was quite taken aback by the Quartermaster’s striking colouring. No man had the right to lips that red, and eyes that green.


Bond ends up at Q’s on a Saturday night

slow hands killer by paxlux

Après moi, le déluge. (There is nothing gentle about Bond. There is nothing gentle about Q.)

Decompression by Desdemon

“I’m going to make a mess of you,” Bond promises him, removing the glasses carefully from his face and folding them up. “I’m going to fucking take you apart, Q, until you’re sobbing for it.”

Happy Endings by badwolfbadwolff

AU in which Q is a massage therapist with a clever mouth and Bond is a client.

I wish I could be awesome and say why I like each one, but I’ve got my hand in a brace tonight so the typing is slow >.> In any case, there are so many more people that I know deserve amazing recs and I feel awful not being able to give credit to all of them, so I highly recommend going to AO3 and just reading EVERYTHING. Everyone in the 00Q fandom is so lovely and talented, so I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy. We’re very happy to have you on board theaoidos

Flatterer!  But yes, I definitely second the other recs—lovely, lovely fics, every one (and of my own that you’ve mentioned, Mr. MI6 is my favorie; I hold that one very dear to my heart, too).

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